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I work with teachers, doctors, nurses and federal workers 50+ who earn $100,000+ per year. While investable assets isn't required of you to work with me, most of my clients are worth at least $500,000 to over $10 million. 

I always start out with a paid retirement plan to make sure you're on the right track. Also, I charge for this because: 
1- A plan and a right direction is critical for your retirement success. 2- it's work! And someone who is working "for free" is really just building a sales pitch ;)

This is a subscription service that costs (at a minimum) $1,000 per year. Up to $10,000 per year. While this fee is negotiable, it's based on your gross yearly income.   Why gross? Well, with my help, my clients often don't have taxable income once they retire, since it's mostly tax free ;)

We meet as often as needed throughout the year and update the plan as needed! Why? Your finances and retirement are complex and specific to your needs. So, why would we meet only once a year?? Nope, if we need to meet twice a month, then so be it! 

Retirement planning includes (but not limited to) Social Security / Pension planning, investment planning, insurance and estate planning, healthcare/long-term care, tax management, and legacy planning (how my kids/grand kids will inherit my wealth). 

I will also work with your kids/grand kids in order to make sure your wealth transfers to them, and they don't blow it on a Ferrari ;) 

PS- while investing your assets through me isn't a requirement, if you choose me to invest your assets, this is a separate fee (called AUM fee) that WILL include retirement planning. So you are not billed twice! 

Want to know more? Feel free to email me or add me on my LinkedIn :) 

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