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Practitioner Communities

The Hive beehiveInvestment Consulting Center

The community for the industry’s premier investment consulting and investment advisory professionals.
Powered by the CIMA® certification.

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Private Wealth

The community for the industry’s premier private wealth advisory professionals.
Powered by the CPWA® certification.

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Retirement Advice

The community for the industry’s premier retirement management and retirement-income planning professionals.
Powered by RMA® certification.

Communities of Interest

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The Center for
RIA Excellence

The community for premier registered investment advisory firm principals and practitioners.

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THRIVE Center for
Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

The community for fostering a more diverse and sustainable workforce in which financial advisors from all backgrounds can THRIVE.

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The Advanced Financial Planning Center

The community for financial planning professionals committed to exceeding client expectations.

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Institute Announcements

  • The Institute and Association of Professional Fund Investors Form Strategic Alliance

    CIMA® Certification recognized as global standard for fund allocators. Two associations for investment practitioners who are committed to competent and ethical practice of investment management analysis and fund allocation have formed a multi-year strategic alliance to raise the bar of professionalism ...
  • BeFi Barometer 2021: Advisors Witness Increase in Behavioral Biases Among Clients Amidst Pandemic

    In a year characterized by ongoing uncertainty from the COVID-19 pandemic and heightened retail investor interest in the markets, financial advisors reported a surge in behavioral biases among clients, according to the BeFi Barometer 2021. This is the third year of the survey commissioned by Schwab Asset ...
  • Industry Leaders Assemble Together to Educate Advisors on the Benefits of Behavioral Finance

    For the third year in a row the Institute is proud to celebrate Behavioral Finance (BeFi) Week, October 4-10, 2021. In a time of unprecedented social and economic uncertainty, more financial advisors are using behavioral finance techniques to help clients stay focused on their long-term goals. The ...
  • Investor Survey Reveals Advisors are Still Battling Loyalty and Client Self-Confidence

    The Investments & Wealth Institute released its 2021 Investor Report, conducted by Absolute Engagement, in partnership with Hightower Advisors, LLC., and the Behavioral Investing Institute. This study, conducted annually since 2017, provides a look at how clients' views have changed. This new investor research, fielded during April-May 2021, further illustrates the changing client ...

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