Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Series: Webinar 1: Exploring the Millennial Mindset

When:  Jun 2, 2022 from 16:30 to 17:30 (ET)

Millennials have surpassed baby boomers as the nation’s largest generation, numbering 72 million, and stand poised to inherit $70 trillion from their parents. Yet, some of these Millennials have already achieved a level of wealth–and wealth complexity– that requires advice and guidance from a professional.

RBC Wealth Management recognizes the growing importance of Millennials as the investors of the future. To learn more about their needs, wants and desires, RBC Wealth Management recently surveyed 1,000 Millennials, including 750 high net worth (HNW) Millennials and 250 HENRY (High Earners, Not Rich Yet) Millennials to:

  • Identify financial values, tools and resources shaping their current approach to money management
  • Explore future goals for wealth development and key anticipated milestones
  • Understand their pain points with managing their wealth
  • Gain a fundamental perspective into Millennials’ service needs, gaps, preferences, and their relationship with money management

The data gleaned from this survey offers an opportunity to educate advisors and marketers and help them connect with this important audience. In this session Angie O’Leary, Head of Wealth Planning, will share key survey learnings and propose strategies designed to capture money in motion.

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