Legacy Essentials - Empathy

When:  Aug 11, 2022 from 16:30 to 17:30 (ET)
August 11th
Part 1: Legacy Essentials - Empathy

In your line of work, you no doubt already have a great deal of empathy — after all, you listen to clients’ financial goals and wishes for their families every day. Today, we’ll explore the nuances of empathy and ways to not only be empathetic, but to increase your skill at communicating your empathy. We call this “performing empathy,” and it is the key to deepening client trust.
Explore research developed by the Nationwide Retirement Institute that highlights the role of empathy in driving the kind of trust that builds meaningful, sustainable and mutually beneficial client relationships.

August 18th
Part 2: Legacy Essentials - Aging with Dignity

Financial professionals are uniquely positioned to help with aging. Analyze how you can help your clients plan for longevity risks. Understand how to build a bridge to multigenerational opportunities.

August 25th
Part 3: Legacy Essentials - Wealth Transfer
Examine why financial professionals should take the lead in legacy planning. Understand estate planning and beneficiary designations. Translate these concepts into real life and better connect with the next generation.