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    Q: How do I self-report CE?

    A: We have moved to an all self-reporting system for CE. You should now submit all CE through your online dashboard as follows:

    Within your current certification section you will see a “Report CE” button on the dashboard homepage. Click this button to continue.

    On the next page, select the “Add Course” button.

    If you took an approved CE course, enter the date along with either the program ID, program title, or provider name.

    For courses that are not found in the catalogue, use the “Self Report Course” option to add CE to your record. Courses not completed through an IWI registered CE provider will be subject to a $5 per credit hour reporting fee.  

    Please note that documentation will no longer be requested at the time of your CE submission but we do advise that documentation supporting proof of completion, content, and clock time be retained in your personal records in case of a future audit. Please visit our website for more information on updated auditing procedures.

    Follow the remaining prompts to add the desired courses to your record. Be sure to go all the way through the attestation. Once complete, courses will be viewable on your CE record. If you have any questions, please contact

    Q: How do I reset my password?

    A: Click the 'Sign In" button inside your dashboard. There is a 'Reset your Password' link available at the bottom of the sign in form. You also may reach out to

    Q: How do I access the Investments & Wealth Monitor quiz?

    A: Navigate to your dashboard, then select the "CE Quizzes" tab along the left side menu.

    Choose the "Register Now" link for the issue that you need. There is a $25 fee for each quiz taken.

    Q: How do I download and share my digital badging?

    A: With digital badging you can share your credentials on social media platforms and in your email signature.

    To get started, visit

    From this page you can click the "Sign In" button in the top right corner and choose the option to "Retrieve your credentials without a password". You will then receive an email from Accredible with a link to your credentials.

    You also can create an account through Accredible where you will be able to log in with an email and password.

    Everything you need to know about the benefits of digital badging can be found here. If you are having trouble downloading your asset, please call 303-770-3377 or email

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    Q: Do I receive a Barron's magazine subscription with my membership?

    A: A subscription to Barron's is complimentary for our Signature and Elite members. New premium members should expect their subscriptions to arrive within a few weeks. Your Barron's subscription will be sent to the mailing address noted within your account and online dashboard.

    Q: How do I update the mailing address for my Barron's subscription?

    A: Please send an email to to update your mailing address.

    Q: Why have I not received my issue of Barron's?

    A: A complimentary subscription to Barron's is a member benefit for Signature and Elite members only.  Currently, some Basic members have been grandfathered into the program. However, Basic members will stop receiving their subscription later this year. If you are unsure of your membership level, visit your dashboard to review your status in the "My Institute Membership" box.

    If you are a Signature or Elite member and still have not received your issue of Barron's, please send an email to In the email, please include the mailing address for your subscription so that we can confirm our contact address is up to date. Please allow two weeks for any mailing updates to take effect.

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    Q: How do I upgrade my membership?

    A: There are two different ways that you can upgrade your membership: Through the certification renewal process or in the "My Institute Membership" box on your dashboard.

    Either way, your premium membership benefits go into effect immediately.

    If you are in the middle of your two-year term and not due to renew yet, you can click on the 'Upgrade Membership' link in your "My Institute Membership" box on your dashboard

    Upgrading is the best option for those who need to fulfill their CE requirements for their upcoming certification renewal date.  

    Q: How do I get printed copies of IWI publications ( Investments & Wealth Monitor, Retirement Management Journal, Journal of Investment Consulting)?

    A: All members can digitally access all IWI publications through our website. There is also an Investments & Wealth Monitor app that you can download and view by signing in with your dashboard credentials.

    Printed copies of IWI publications are mailed out ONLY to Signature and Elite members.  

    Q: How do I use the buddy discount for an upcoming conference?

    A: Premium members who would like to utilize the buddy discount for an upcoming conference can contact the conference department at You will be contacted to arrange the discount for your guest.

    Elite buddy pass = $200 off
    Signature buddy pass = $100 off  

    Q: How much does my membership cost me?

    A: While most members are certificant holders, it's important to know that anyone can be an IWI member. Here's the breakdown much much membership will cost, depending if you have an IWI designation or not:

    If you're NOT a certificant holder: 
    $395 for a Basic two-year membership
    $890 for a Signature two-year membership
    $1,190 for an Elite two-year membership

    If you ARE a certificant holder:
    During your certification renewal process, you will be asked for you to chose a membership level based on your needs. A basic two-year membership is complimentary with the $895 certification renewal fee. This option is the only complimentary membership, the other two are an additional cost.

    A signature membership is an additional $495. If you select a signature membership during the certification renewal process, you can expect your total to be $1,390.

    An elite membership is an additional $895. If you select an elite membership during the certification renewal process, you can expect your total to be $1,690.

    For certificant holders who initially selected a basic membership, know that you can always sign onto your online dashboard, and chose the 'upgrade membership' option. Depending on where you are within your two-year membership cycle, when you upgrade the cost will be prorated.